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How to display button on VisualForce page only if user has Delete permission?

This may be useful for both usual Salesforce Developers and ISVs. There are several ways to achieve the functionality described in the header. I would mentioned only the simpliest one: Assume you have custom object CustomObject__c and you need some button … Continue reading

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Salesforce: convert your object record ID to a clickable link

Sometimes we have to write functionality to report some data or to show some data on visualforce pages. In both cases seeing ID in text format does not really help; what may really help when you view or read some … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Trick to get both Id and Name of Lookup Record from VisualForce page without calling SOQL

I created custom SOQL page for viewing list of existing custom object records and adding new. This custom object has one LookUp field to Account. I need both Id and Name of related Account record to set as LookUp field … Continue reading

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Delphi: Removing rows from a ADOTable

We can remove rows either through ADOTable or using SQLQuery or ADOQuery (both of them run the same SQL query) as was mentioned here. I would say convenient way for this would be to create PopupMenu with one MenuItem with … Continue reading

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