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Shot a promo video for my Package BofPerMan

Today I have shot a promo video describing capabilities of my package BofPerMan which is published on AppExchange. Here I discuss a possible case of a content management application consisting of two custom objects Book and Movie and a task … Continue reading

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BofPerMan 1.0.1 and 1.1.1 Release Notes

Recently I was very happy that my first package has passed security review on AppExchange. I decided to shot a video but noticed one bug, so I decided to fix it and one more bug which I had noticed before. … Continue reading

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Salesforce: get applications and tabs profile assignments

Salesforce: get application names, application profile assignment, custom tab profile access availability, app to tab correspondence. To Get Custom and Standard Application Names run usual Apex SOQL query: select Id, ApplicationId, Name, Type from AppMenuItem where Type = ‘TabSet’ To … Continue reading

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Salesforce: how to check if profile is custom or standard by code

When I needed to grant access to some object to all profiles I understood how is it possible to  profile is custom or standard by code   public static Boolean isStandardProfile( String profileName ) { List<PermissionSet> ps = [ select id … Continue reading

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