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Lightning Standard Component Availability

While reading Salesforce documentation about Lightning Standard Components and having found there 25 items, I felt very confused when I tried to add standard lightning component to app page and saw only 10 options available. Later I understood that some components are … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Impossible to invoke Lightning or Visualforce actions in Apex Code

When I saw QuickAction class and QuickAction.QuickActionRequest object I assumed that it supports Lightning and Visualforce actions, however, in fact, it doesn’t. I created two actions. Lightning Action on Account and called it LA and Visualforce action on Account and called it VA. When … Continue reading

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Salesforce Winter 18 feature to customize Lightning home page layout

For a long time I have been struggling about how to make Lightning Home Page to have only one column. Looks like there is an option in Winter’18 release. You need to create the following component HomePageSingleColumnTemplate with the following … Continue reading

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Lightning Icons

Some time ago I was looking for list of available lightning icons and I couldn’t really find it. So I decided to store this link here: https://www.lightningdesignsystem.com/icons/

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Mysterious Lightning Out Depths

Recently we raised an internal support case because of receiving Internal Error on production. The error was coming because I missed in the deployment script Lightning App component used for Lightning out. I missed it for a reason that didn’t … Continue reading

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The simplest way to get custom field id dynamically in Lightning

I have a lightning component where I need to display link to related list of children relationship record for given custom object record. Since I developed this application on sandbox, I can’t hardcode this link since it will change after … Continue reading

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Collection of Lightning Salesforce Internal Errors which Salesforce Support refuses to list in Known Issues

Gack Id Known issue Bug Number Other Comments Post on SFSE 850054284 No known issue W-3415999 Promised to be fixed in Spring’17 SFSE 142870 472275017 SFDC Refused to accept this as bug SFSE 146174 -227057212 No known issue W-3285134 Suggested … Continue reading

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