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Salesforce: check if user has access to post to chatter group

Recently we developed some business logic for client to make chatter post. The logic was working perfect under admin user but when client was giving demo to his managers and tried to execute the logic under random user it failed with … Continue reading

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Salesforce. Solving View State Exceeded 135 Kb error by using JavaScript Remoting and JSRender

Previously I have posted some pagination example page https://patlatus.wordpress.com/2014/12/30/salesforce-using-standard-controller-with-extension-to-show-employee-phone-book/ Sometimes we need to reduce view state when it exceeds limits, we may use JSRender for that. I believe I have found this approach in documentation for PageBlockTableEnhancerADV component which also … Continue reading

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My attitude to Salesforce Limits

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