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My Talks, Presentations, Packages and Ideas

Recently I have prepared several presentations. The first presentation and talk was about Salesforce REST API. It is available here: Later I have redesigned it and uploaded again in new version here: and even shot a video related to it: … Continue reading

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Manual Share of records through SOAP Webservices: Partner WSDL or Enterprise WSDL or Custom Code

Recently I was writing about solution to bug in new FF managed package which breaks S2S connection which required change in account trigger logic to automatically share that account or those accounts being updated to partner organization. Now I would … Continue reading

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S2S Connection through SOAP Web Services as solution to FF c2g Accounting bug related to Connection User and Account Trigger logic

There is a bug in the new version of Financial Force Accounting package which breaks standard Salesforce to Salesforce functionality. There is likely some trigger(s) on Account insert or update inside of this managed package which checks current user scope. … Continue reading

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