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My very first package published to AppExchange

Today is the Saint Nickolas day in Ukraine by Julian Calendar. I have received a very special gift from Saint Nickolas recently. A few days ago, namely, on the 16th of December 2019, the very first of my own package … Continue reading

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Salesforce Google Analytics Tracking Application

Over the weekends I have implemented a Salesforce Google Analytics Tracking Application by request on one guy who didn’t pay me for that application. I spent 500 USD of time to implement and support that application and 500 USD of time … Continue reading

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Salesforce: ULETAS Gamma 1.0 Release Notes

Today I have read a marvelous post of Bob Buzzard on SSE who answered one question related to the package I released recently. I have found it to be very convenient to screen scrape without having to log in anywhere … Continue reading

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Salesforce: ULETAS Beta 1.0 Release Notes

ULETAS Users Licensing Beta, version 1.0 Continue reading

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Salesforce: New version of JobsManager package

New version of my  JobsManager package described in my previous posts is available by link Release Notes Sorting was implemented and filtering by original scheduler name After install instructions After install you would have to make application “JobsManager” … Continue reading

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