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Debugging “System.LimitException: Too many SOQL queries: 101”

Earlier I have described a way to get the list of SOQL queries in transaction Decided to create document with advanced javascript code now

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Handlebars doesn’t allow to supply single row template for generation of multiple rows result

I was asked to prepare to talk about Javascript rendering template libraries. I was using only JSRender however I was told that Handlebars is better. So I decided to rewrite a single page to use Handlebars instead of JSRender. During … Continue reading

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Salesforce Delegator to Run Batch

I was asked to implement a button to run a batch. Firstly I decided to create a VisualForce page with a simple controller like this I presented this solution to the client, but the client told me that he would … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Trick to get both Id and Name of Lookup Record from VisualForce page without calling SOQL

I created custom SOQL page for viewing list of existing custom object records and adding new. This custom object has one LookUp field to Account. I need both Id and Name of related Account record to set as LookUp field … Continue reading

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