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Salesforce Delegator to Run Batch

I was asked to implement a button to run a batch. Firstly I decided to create a VisualForce page with a simple controller like this I presented this solution to the client, but the client told me that he would … Continue reading

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Salesforce. Using standard controller with extension to show employee phone book

Listing of EmployeePhoneBook page

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Salesforce controllers. Reminder before certifications.

Controllers can be: standard <apex:page standardController=”MyCustomObject__c”> </apex:page> custom <apex:page controller=”myController” extension <apex:page standardController=”Account” extensions=”myControllerExtension”> ___

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Salesforce: Selection all of elements in the table

Sometimes we need to show list of SObjects on VisualForce page, and want to allow users to mass process these records, by allowing them to selects records which they want to delete or clone or make on them any other … Continue reading

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