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Salesforce: check if user has access to post to chatter group

Recently we developed some business logic for client to make chatter post. The logic was working perfect under admin user but when client was giving demo to his managers and tried to execute the logic under random user it failed with … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Upgrading from FeedPost to FeedItem

When you develop application for Salesforce platform, it often happens that if you validate your changeset on one day it wouldn’t necessary succeed on the next day. Another situation happened for me this Monday. 11 test methods failed when I … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Post to chatter group mentioning a user

I have found gorgeous post about posting which are mentioning users here: So we can use suggested way to post to some chatter group with mentioning a user. CollaborationGroup chatterGroup = [ SELECT Id, Name from CollaborationGroup where Name … Continue reading

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