Migrating from PC to Mac

Today is my first day working on the Mac machine.

I feel very awkward since I don’t know how to perform basic operations on Mac (I used PC over 15-20 years I think).

So I need some cheatsheet to help myself.

Cmd-Ctrl-Q: Lock screen.

Cmd-W, Cmd-Q: Close window or tab

Shift-7, Shift-6: insert comma or dot on Ukrainian keyboard layout.

Shift-Cmd-5: invoke video screen capture tool. Cmd-Ctrl-Esc to finish video capturing.

Shift-Cmd-4: Printscreen selected region.

Shift-Cmd-3: Printscreen.

Cmd-Left: Move cursor to the beginning of the line.

Cmd-Right: Move cursor to the ending of the line.


open /: invoke finder window with root folder

which sfdx: display location of the executable file


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