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Get picklist dependencies in Salesforce

In the past you had to serialize and deserialize results of picklist field describe method call to get value of ValidFor field like described here. Now it seems like it is sufficient to use the simple query like this SELECT … Continue reading

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Lightning Standard Component Availability

While reading Salesforce documentation about Lightning Standard Components and having found there 25 items, I felt very confused when I tried to add standard lightning component to app page and saw only 10 options available. Later I understood that some components are … Continue reading

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Intellij Out Of Memory Error and memory configuration file location

Migrating data to another machine I faced with Out Of Memory error in Intellij Idea. So on crash it suggested to increase value from 750 MB to higher value. Looks like 2000 MB is enough for my projects. The configuration … Continue reading

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How to install Ukrainian Enhanced keyboard on Windows 10

Today I struggled with installing Ukrainian Enhanced keyboard on Windows 10 machine. I was even trying to find and install file KBDUR1.dll which I considered missing, but once found it in the system folder I realized that I was doing something … Continue reading

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Resource to mock Server HTTP Response Status Code

There is cool resource if you need to mock some server response status code. It provides any response status code you might need. If you need 405 status code then just follow If you need 503 status code then just … Continue reading

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