Artisan Hub is collecting email addresses of Salesforce Certified Professionals maybe to sell them as unique database

Recently someone suggested me to send my email to specific email address to get my ranking amongst Salesforce Certified Specialists.

I did it and received the following ratings for me in the top 10 Salesforce Certified Specialists in Ukraine.

Artisan Board

Email also claimed that today Artisan Hub is tracking the progress of 28,087 Salesforce Certified Professionals who have in total 80,205 current Salesforce Certificates and reside in 98 different countries.

So Artisan Hub is aware only of 28 certified specialists in Ukraine, however, in fact, I know personally many more Salesforce certified specialists in Ukraine which were not included in this list.

I believe, they are just collecting email addresses of certified Salesforce professionals and they may sell them like database of certified Salesforce professionals emails.

So once you agree to send them your email address associated with your webaccessor account, they just add your email address to their database.

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