Linux Bash commands for Heroku


At the initial stage of training is very helpful knowledge of a number of MS DOS commands. Table. 2.2 shows the pair of teams with a description of their actions.

Table 2.2. Value for MS DOS commands Linux commands

MS DOS command Linux Team Description
ATTRIB chmod Changing file attributes
BACKUP cpio, tar data Archiving
CD cd Moving to a different directory
CLS clear, reset Cleaning the screen
COMMAND bash, csh, sh Calling shell (shell)
COPY cp, cat Copying files
CTTY, MODE stty Setting terminal parameters
DATE date Change the system date
DEL rm Deleting a file
DIR dir, Is Create a list of files
ECHO echo Conclusion duplicate data on the screen
EDIT vi Call text editor
EXIT exit Closing the command prompt window
FC cmp, diff, diff3, sdiff Compare the contents of two files
FDISK fdisk Creating a partition on the hard drive
FIND find file Search
FORMAT mformat, mkfs Formatting the drive, create a file system
HELP apropos, man, whatis Call the Help system
MEM free Displays information about the use of RAM
MKDIR mkdir Creating a directory
MORE less, more, xmore Viewing file contents
MOVE mv Moving files
PATH, SET env Setting the values of environment variables (specify directory paths)
PAUSE sleep Pause in work
PRINT Ipr Prints the contents of the file
RENAME mv Renaming a file
RMDIR rmdir Removing directory
SORT sort Sorting lines in a text file
TIME date Change the system time
TYPE cat, less, more Viewing file contents

The commands referred to in this section are used in the command line (analogue work in MS DOS). When working in the GUI, such as the GNOME or KDE, use the command line to run the best terminal emulator.
If you look closely, you will notice that many of the commands in Linux are of the same name, as well as in MS DOS. This is due to the fact that the two operating systems share a common ancestor – the UNIX operating system, and further impact on Linux to provide new ideas, used in MS DOS / Windows.


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