Strange behavior of Salesforce String.format method

Today I have found some very strange behavior of Salesforce String.format method.

It doesn’t work with single quotes. Later I have found solution posted by Daniel Balinger.

He explains why we need to use double apostrophes instead of single quote

The Apex string.format documentation says:

Treat the current string as a pattern that should be used for substitution in the same manner as apex:outputText.

 The apex:outputText documentation says:

The value attribute supports the same syntax as the MessageFormat class in Java. See the MessageFormat class JavaDocs for more information.

The java.text.MessageFormat documentation says:

Within a String, "''" represents a single quote. A QuotedString can contain arbitrary characters except single quotes; the surrounding single quotes are removed.

So to get a single quote in the output of a string.format requires two escaped single quotes.


String formattedString = String.format('Hello {0}, shall we play a \'\'{1}\'\'?', new String[]{'David', 'game'});  


Hello David, shall we play a 'game'?


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