Salesforce Google Analytics Tracking Application

Over the weekends I have implemented a Salesforce Google Analytics Tracking Application by request on one guy who didn’t pay me for that application.

I spent 500 USD of time to implement and support that application and 500 USD of time to teach this guy how to use Salesforce and to perform basic Salesforce administration tasks.

I was surprised that he doesn’t know anything about Salesforce but sells Salesforce Google Analytics Tracking Applications to others. I don’t understand how this might be possible.

I also was shocked when he refused to pay me for my time training him and for application enhancements. Anyway, this is a good lesson to me to ask for money in advance before providing any support to anyone.

If anyone would like to cover the expenses spent on this application development it would be great. This is a link to managed beta version of the application I initially developed for this guy. To install it on sandboxes use this link.

Let me know if anyone would like to support me or maybe to buy some similar app. This application tracks insertion of opportunity and insertion of leads as well as update of leads.

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