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Salesforce: how to pass non primitives into asynchronous jobs

In the past if we needed to pass SObject records or other non primitives types we had to convert those records into Map<String, String>, and serialize this map and pass it to future method as String and then inside of … Continue reading

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Salesforce: check if user has access to post to chatter group

Recently we developed some business logic for client to make chatter post. The logic was working perfect under admin user but when client was giving demo to his managers and tried to execute the logic under random user it failed with … Continue reading

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Salesforce: How to get patience to receive Programming Assignment?

Today I was asked about the next open window for Programming Assignment. One of my colleagues is eager to try to pass  Programming Assignment as well as I did. So I told him about the emails I got when I … Continue reading

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Yesterday my client asked for help to setup ANT Migration Tool on his Mac laptop. I forgot what is the bin folder for Beyond Compare. Later I remembered that long time back ago I was writing an evernote post about … Continue reading

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