My Talks, Presentations, Packages and Ideas

Recently I have prepared several presentations.
The first presentation and talk was about Salesforce REST API.
It is available here:
Later I have redesigned it and uploaded again in new version here: and even shot a video related to it:
Also I prepared another presentation about Being a Salesforce Jedi including some forbidden and advanced techniques and also shot related video:

In these two presentation I mentioned some packages which I have already created or some package ideas which I may create in the future if I had enough inspiration.

So later I have shot some videos demonstrating my packages in action.
REST API Demo (package idea)
ULETAS Gamma (released package)
Jobs Manager (released package)
Smart S2S Template (package idea)

You can inspire me to complete my package ideas by commenting this post or videos or contacting me if you have particular interest in any of these packages or ideas.

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