Salesforce: ULETAS Gamma 1.0 Release Notes

Today I have read a marvelous post of Bob Buzzard on SSE who answered one question related to the package I released recently.

I have found it to be very convenient to screen scrape without having to log in anywhere and to perform callouts.

So I decided to adopt this idea and redesign my package to remove the necessity of Credentials entered.

I am going to describe the new package here.

ULETAS Gamma 1.0 Release Notes

The basic version of this packages contains one app consisting of several tabs:

  1. User Licensing Settings tab – main tab of this package, used to manage default settings, to edit, activate or deactivate User License Email Threshold Alerts.
  2. User Licenses Extended tab – auxiliary custom object tab with extracted users Licenses records. May be useful for administrators.
  3. User License Email Alert tab – auxiliary custom object tab with user license email threshold alert records. May be useful for administrators.

Install link

To install on production-like organizations: Developer Edition Organizations or Testing Organizations for registered partners.

To install on sandboxes.

Post Install Instructions

Link to page on production-like organizations.

Link to page on sandboxes.

Step 1

Please go to User Licensing settings page, populate your settings like if you want subsequent email sending or not and please set Error Notification Recipient email for collecting errors if any happen during integration process. Please click button “Save Settings” to store your selected settings.

Step 2

All your users license list should be retrieved automatically. In case if this didn’t happen or if you believe the records are outdated, feel free to click “Recalculate Users Licenses” button to retrieve your available users license list again.

Step 3

Once you have successfully retrieved list of your available user licenses, you can activate and edit Threshold email alert when the number of licenses approaches threshold.
Please click “Activate” or “Edit” link on the right from user license usage you would like to track. If you don’t see popup window it may be blocked by browser, please check that you have unblocked popup windows. On the popup window you can easily populate threshold and email recipient or recipients.

Step 4

Once you have successfully completed previous three steps, this means you have successfully configured ULETAS package for your organization. In you face any obstacles feel free to contact package creator or first you might want to reread release notes.


Final Comments

The current status of this package is Managed Beta. Which means, it can be “used to test and validate this package internally and with selected customers before release. Note: this type of package can only be installed in Developer Edition, sandbox organizations, or testing organizations for registered partners.”

So if you like this package and you would like to install on production, please let me know if it is working fine in your DE or sandbox without any bugs or glitches and I will release Managed – Released version.

Thanks for your attention.

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15 Responses to Salesforce: ULETAS Gamma 1.0 Release Notes

  1. Yogesh Khatri says:

    Hi, thanks for this package. I tried it in my dev org and it worked as it says and that’s awesome!
    for production org are we gonna get it for free or ?

    • patlatus says:

      Hi, Yogesh, this package is not tested well, I tested it only in one environment, I am not sure if it might work well on any production, so as I said in my description, if you like this package and you would like to install on production, please let me know if it is working fine in your DE or sandbox without any bugs or glitches and I will release Managed – Released version.

      Anyway, if it works for you in your DE, I think I can release it for you, this should not take much time

    • patlatus says:

      Anyway, there is your link here: Please note if you encounter any issues on production I will not be able to support this package this week since I am going to have surgery tomorrow at 1 P.M. UTC+2. If you believe in Jesus then please pray for me that surgery would go well. Thanks.

    • patlatus says:

      Just one more remark: I would strongly recommend to install this package first on full sandbox to check if there are no conflicts with other packages and no unit tests conflicts and only after that to install on production.

  2. Yogesh Khatri says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the link and yes I will try it in full copy first.

    I do believe in god and I’ll pray that your surgery go well and don’t worry you will be fine. 🙂

  3. Yogesh Khatri says:

    Wow that’s great !!! 🙂

  4. Raunaq says:

    Hi Patlatus,

    I installed the package in my Developer Org and tested it but looks like the email functionality does not seem to work although the ‘Email Sent’ on the Alert record get updated to checked.

    Could you provide some assistance on this?


    • patlatus says:

      yeah, are you sure that you have you have email deliverability set to *All email* ?
      You can quickly access Deliverability by the following link

      I attach screenshot here:

    • patlatus says:

      Sounds strange. Are you sure you have correct email address configured? Email sent only indicates that email was sent to configured address, but it doesn’t check if configured address was valid and if the email has been delivered

  5. Hi Patlatua,

    This Free App works in my Production. Thank you.. Will this be chargeable in future?

    • patlatus says:

      This is very simple app, for now it is not chargeable. In case if it gets popularity or upgrade or support may be needed then some upgraded or improved version may become chargeable

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