Difference Between Classic Encrypted Custom Fields and Platform Encryption

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What’s the Difference Between Classic Encrypted Custom Fields and Platform Encryption?

The following table compares Classic Encrypted Custom Fields and Platform Encryption solutions.
Feature Classic Encrypted Custom Fields (included in base user license) Platform Encryption (additional fee applies)
Encryption at Rest Checkmark Checkmark
Native Solution (No Hardware or Software is Required) Checkmark Checkmark
Encryption Algorithm 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
HSM-based Key Derivation Checkmark
“Manage Encryption Keys” Permission Checkmark
Generate, Export, Import, and Destroy Keys Checkmark Checkmark
PCI-DSS L1 Compliance Checkmark
Text (Encrypted) Field Type Checkmark

(Dedicated custom field type, limited to 175 characters)

Masking Checkmark Checkmark
Mask Types and Characters Checkmark
“View Encrypted Data” Permission is Required to Read Encrypted Field Values Checkmark Checkmark
Email Template Values Respect “View Encrypted Data” Permission Checkmark
Encrypted Standard Fields Checkmark*
Encrypted Attachments, Files, and Content Checkmark
Encrypted Custom Short Text, Long Text Area, Phone, Email, and URL Fields Checkmark
Encrypt Existing Fields for Supported Custom Field Types Checkmark
Search (UI, Partial Search, Lookups) Checkmark
API Access Checkmark Checkmark
Available in Workflow Rules and Workflow Field Updates Checkmark
Available in Approval Process Entry Criteria and Approval Step Criteria Checkmark

* On the Account object, you can encrypt Account Name. On the Contact object, you can encrypt Email, Fax, Home Phone, Mailing Address (Mailing Street and Mailing City), Mobile, Name (First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name), Other Phone, and Phone.

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