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Mozilla ThunderBIrd: how to reorder mail accounts The desktop email client Thunderbird does not offer different options to sort mail folders in a different way. The only option users have is to make use of the A-Z order but that does not include special folders (like … Continue reading

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Calculate object size in JavaScript function roughSizeOfObject( object ) { var objectList = []; var stack = [ object ]; var bytes = 0; while ( stack.length ) { var value = stack.pop(); if ( typeof value === ‘boolean’ ) { bytes += 4; … Continue reading

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Salesforce: tests for email invocations

Salesforce: tests for email invocations @isTest private class TestClass { static testMethod void testSendEmailsMethod(){ Test.startTest(); Integer emailsCountSentBefore = Limits.getEmailInvocations(); SomeClass.someMethodsWhichSendsEmails(); System.assertNotEquals(1, Limits.getEmailInvocations() – emailsCountSentBefore, ‘Should be increased by 1 or other value how many emails have been sent’); Test.stopTest(); } … Continue reading

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Salesforce solution to: Visualforce Remoting Exception: Unable to connect to the server (transaction aborted: timeout).

Recently I faced with this error. Those links provide information how this possibly could be fixed: So, solution is: increase timeout to 120 seconds. One way: {buffer: true, escape: true, timeout: 120000} Another way: <script type=”text/javascript”> Visualforce.remoting.timeout = … Continue reading

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Salesforce, Bugs & You

Originally posted on The Silver Lining:
Bugs. Bleh. As far as I know Salesforce doesn’t maintain a list of ‘Known Issues’ and sadly this can mean hours poring over code, trying to find where you went wrong, and eventually finding…

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