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Salesforce: Do not use status animation on both commandButton and actionFunction in VisualForce

Everyone who developed VisualForce page knows that actionFunction, which is called from page and performs controller method, takes some time to be processed on backend and usually we want to prevent users from any actions during controller action method being … Continue reading

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Salesforce ContentDocument and ContentVersion: tips and tricks

First trick: Get Content Document Id by Content Version Id Second trick: Get Content Version Id by Content Document Id Third trick: Get Download Number of Document by Version Fourth trick: Get Total Download Number for a Document Vote for my … Continue reading

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How to log a case within Salesforce about internal bug

Hi there. Salesforce Spring 15 release looks very raw and buggy so I have to report twice about Salesforce internal bugs in new release. To help myself next time when I have to log a case I am going to … Continue reading

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Salesforce: convert your object record ID to a clickable link

Sometimes we have to write functionality to report some data or to show some data on visualforce pages. In both cases seeing ID in text format does not really help; what may really help when you view or read some … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Schedule schedulable job or batchable for next minute from anonymous apex script

Sometimes we have to check Schedulable Job or Batchable job execution when scheduled. Also we don’t want to wait until specific date or time happened (assume on production your Schedulable or Batchable job should be scheduled to 1 a.m. of last … Continue reading

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Concurrent access and race condition in Salesforce on insert operation

Assume you have some VisualForce page with complex logic which also has to create some custom object record if it does not exist for current user and current month or even for current day. Is there any possibility to prevent … Continue reading

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Cannot replicate known bug of TIM Sort Implementation in Salesforce due to Governor Limit

Recently a bug was found in TIM sort implementation, which is used as default sort implementation in Java and Python. This has been actively discussed in many communities. I decided to try to replicate this bug in Salesforce assuming it … Continue reading

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