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Salesforce: make dependent field required for specific values of primary field

The code for page and its controller is quite trivial, adapted from Glyn’s answer in this topic: Changed custom object to standard object; also for my case primary field should be text field instead of checkbox.    

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Salesforce: Selection all of elements in the table

Sometimes we need to show list of SObjects on VisualForce page, and want to allow users to mass process these records, by allowing them to selects records which they want to delete or clone or make on them any other … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Trick to get both Id and Name of Lookup Record from VisualForce page without calling SOQL

I created custom SOQL page for viewing list of existing custom object records and adding new. This custom object has one LookUp field to Account. I need both Id and Name of related Account record to set as LookUp field … Continue reading

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Salesforce: New version of JobsManager package

New version of my  JobsManager package described in my previous posts is available by link Release Notes Sorting was implemented and filtering by original scheduler name After install instructions After install you would have to make application “JobsManager” … Continue reading

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