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Salesforce: Use without Security Token

Preamble. Every time after refresh, security token is changed. So this causes necessity of creation of new security token and sending it to your email. Then you have to update that information in IDE in your project settings. This … Continue reading

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ETL SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Never used any kind of ETL packages because never needed any of them since if I had to convert data from one file or database to another I would just wrote simple program that would do this for me, but … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Single Email Example

I didn’t use email functionality for a while; so I could hardly remember how to implement this and spent some time trying to find this again; that’s why I decided to store this here for any future references. Enjoy

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Salesforce Code to mass cancel all existing scheduled jobs

Many times after sandbox refresh I have to cancel all scheduled jobs to be able to edit many classes. However, I can use my code from my package for canceling and scheduling schedulable job or button from my package if … Continue reading

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