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Funny salesforce: Deployment status

Funny Salesforce

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Salesforce has open-sourced Eclipse Plug-in

Original link is here. My thoughts on it: it is definitely interesting. Their repository is here. They recommend to create your own branch and commit changes there and if you make worthwhile change then you can submit a pull request. … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Upgrading from FeedPost to FeedItem

When you develop application for Salesforce platform, it often happens that if you validate your changeset on one day it wouldn’t necessary succeed on the next day. Another situation happened for me this Monday. 11 test methods failed when I … Continue reading

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Salesforce UI: rowsperpage parameter or “how can I display all classes in list view on one page?”

Sometimes it is not possible to deploy changes through Ant. For example, it you are trying to deploy changes in classes which are used in Scheduled Jobs. If you try to deploy them through Ant you will receive an error: … Continue reading

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