Linking Delphi to MySQL

I was asked today about development some application on Delphi to connect to MySQL.
Honestly, I have never tried before. Usually I connected Delphi to MSSQL or Oracle or other database vendors, but not to MySQL.
When I tried simply to put some components on Delphi form and activate it, I receives following error

Exception TDBXError in module Project1.exe at 001C051A.

DBX Error:  Driver could not be properly initialized.  Client library may be missing, not installed properly, of the wrong version, or the driver may be missing from the system path.

When I googled this, I have found that people advise to take library from MySQL bin and copy it to Delphi bin folder, but this didn’t help me.
Finally I have found correct version file here.
Another error that I received was

Operation not allowed on a unidirectional dataset

So I have to refresh in memory how to prepare memory dataset in Delphi.

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