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Fix GC overhead limit exceeded in IDE (Eclipse Kepler) Salesforce: IDE (Eclipse Kepler) GC overhead limit exceeded I have migrated from old version of IDE to new one, based on Eclipse Kepler, and started to receive strange … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Object validation has failed. You cannot save a document that falls within a closed period.

Sometimes, when you develop Salesforce application which uses FF Accounting package, you receive strange validation error messages, when you try to deploy your code changes to production. It is even more weird when one day before release no tests on … Continue reading

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Free Remote MySQL DB

There are a lot of free hostings for sites and embedded databases, but they unfortunately do not allow to connect remotely to them. However, there are sites dedicated to DB Hosting, and they allow remote connection, for example

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Delphi: TDBMemo (and TDBEdit or TDBImage) usage

To connect any of TDBMemo or TDBEdit or TDBImage components you need to specify two fields: DataSource DataField Enjoy. If you like my post, please click Like Button below the post.

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Delphi: Removing rows from a ADOTable

We can remove rows either through ADOTable or using SQLQuery or ADOQuery (both of them run the same SQL query) as was mentioned here. I would say convenient way for this would be to create PopupMenu with one MenuItem with … Continue reading

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Delphi: Export to Excel

Below adapted solution is present from this discussion and this one. I included here also export of field names as it is usually using (the first row in Excel is usually a row with field names). To run this example … Continue reading

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Delphi: Creation process of simple application connecting to MySQL DB

I haven’t developed anything on Delphi for five-six years. So it took me some time to recall this process. In order not to spend this time next time when I forgot about this, I want to write down this here. … Continue reading

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