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Salesforce: Pure SOQL way to select record with given date

Unfortunately we are not allowed to pass Date values in where clause of pure SOQL (if we don’t call it from code but from Query Editor or during querying schema). SOQL constants like THIS_DAY, THIS_WEEK, LAST_WEEK do not cover all … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Post to chatter group mentioning a user

I have found gorgeous post about posting which are mentioning users here: So we can use suggested way to post to some chatter group with mentioning a user. CollaborationGroup chatterGroup = [ SELECT Id, Name from CollaborationGroup where Name … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Transfer chatter group data from one organization to another

Unfortunately chatter group data is not copied from production to full sandbox after refresh. So if you have to test posting to chatter group then you have to use dataloader to extract data from production and push it to sandbox. … Continue reading

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Salesforce: Simple trick to retrieve object type from id

Assume you have some unknown SObject record id and you want to retrieve its object type. For example, you have some id of chatter group like 0F9E00000002jA1 and you are not sure what is the correct API name of its … Continue reading

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